Live Plants Promote Stress Relief, Energy Savings & A Healthy Environment

The professional, Mr. Plant design team will consult with you in your home or office to help you create your optimum desired indoor landscape environment.

We’re happy to meet with your architect, interior designer of office manager to help you choose the right selection of plants and pottery to complete your overall design, look and feel.

We will help you select the most suitable plants for your location by evaluating the lighting, traffic flow and your overall interior design.

Because we have relationships with the top plant growers, faux plants and artisan container manufacturers, we’re able to provide you with unique, top quality plants, bromeliads, orchids, anthurium and designer containers.

Live Plants Promote Clean Air

A recent study conducted by NASA has proven that indoor plants promote a healthy environment by reducing or eliminating harmful indoor air pollution, mold and pollen. You’ll discover that in your home or office, live plants also provide a comfortable, stress relief environment. In any location, living plants create a special place to unwind, relax and focus.

Enhance Indoor Areas

In addition to helping to purify the air, live plants also help to provide a quiet work space and home environment by also functioning as sound absorbers in large, open spaces. Having a quiet, soothing workspace helps to increase employee productivity, morale and job satisfaction.

It’s been proven that live plants in a home or office environment can actually help to reduce heating and cooling costs by as much as 20%. They are also an easy and affordable way to create a distinctive remodel flair to an existing space. Live plants are a flexible design element that can be changed or updated at any time.