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One Stop, Indoor & Exterior Affordable Plant Shopping For Your Home Or Office

The MR. PLANT Professionals will visit your home or office, and together we’ll select the perfect plants & containers to enhance your environment while staying within your budget.

Our “All Inclusive” Service means we guide you every step of the way from Design to Installation to Maintenance.

We Make It Easy For You! We relieve you from a lot of stress and pressure so you can focus on more important and productive things in your life. Throughout the whole process, you’ll discover it’s a really fun experience.

Our Services Include

Plantscaping Design

First Impressions Count!
It has been proven that a healthy, green environment does help to absorb sound and remove pollutants. The results are increased productivity, morale an job satisfaction in the office and a quiet soothing space within the home.

The owner of MR. PLANT, Alcy Grimes, is a seasoned designer with an incredible love for plants. She understands biophilia and that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. Her innovative, and minimalistic way of designing the space in which we live and work is a refreshing approach to adding the “green” finishing touches to your home or office.

Always a perfectionist, Alcy excels in:
Space Design
Plant and Container Selection
Creating Gorgeous custom arrangements
Customer Service


Enjoy a seamless plantscaping design and installation experience.

Our promise and commitment to you is to be:

  • On Time
  • Fast & Professional
  • Neat & Clean
  • Supervised by Senior Management

Commercial and Residential Weekly or Bi-Weekly Maintenance

Most importantly, our pro-active maintenance team has been with MR. PLANT for years. Turnover is non-existent. They truly are account managers who are proud of their work and care about each client’s image.

  • Exceptional Plant Knowledge
  • Always Prompt & Reliable
  • Well Groomed With A Professional Appearance
  • Service With A Smile
  • Efficient
  • Honest

The MR. PLANT team is one of the best in the industry


Low water container garden are the hottest trend for Southern California. Succulents, Cacti and other drought tolerant plants come in all shapes, sizes and texture to create gorgeous gardens.

MR. PLANT will provide not only the design and installation but the necessary maintenance to keep your exterior container gardens fresh and healthy.

For a FREE consultation to spruce up your outdoor living places, call MR. PLANT.

Your new office space looks so bare, It’s screaming for plants to show that you care. By absorbing the sound and cleaning the pollutants, your happy employees will love the improvement!”